Underground Construction

Global pumps and accessories are used extensively in underground construction. Our portable pumps can be setup and moved quickly as the jobsite advances.

The impact of ground water on an excavation project can be enormous. Our Wellpoint Dewatering line of pumps are used in wellpoint and eductor systems for lowering groundwater elevations for construction of oil and gas pipelines, sanitary and storm sewer lines, and installation of various utilities.

Global Pump Trash and High Head pumps have the range of flow, head, and solids handling capability, to handle the various pumping tasks encountered when excavating below grade including water removal by sumping and sock installations. Our high head pumps are used as booster pumps when water must be discharged hundreds of feet from the jobsite.

Global pumps are used in other applications such as Pump and Treat, Pressure Line Filling, Pig Pushing for line cleaning and inspection, and Frac Tank Transfer for removing contaminants for safe discharge.