Oil, Gas and Chemical

Global Pump Company is involved in supplying pumps and accessories for various applications in the Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries. Global Pump produces a wide range of heavy-duty, high-efficiency portable pumps, both diesel engine and electric motor driven. Pumps ranging from 4 in. to 24 in. that are capable of developing over 600 ft. of head and flow capacities to 16,000 GPM.

Global Pump manufactures pumps in both custom and standard configurations with numerous options for materials of construction i.e. Cast Iron, Steel, 316 S/S and CD4MCU, to handle the difficult applications that may be corrosive or abrasive. Rugged, reliable pumps for plant construction, water transfer and supply, flood control, jetting, dewatering, fire protection and washdown are ready to go to work for you.